Tavern Tan:

All the Right Mistakes. (CD, Fez Monkey Records, 2012)
A Barrel Full (CD, Fez Monkey Records, 2009)
3 Horse Power (CD, Fez Monkey Records, 2007)
Foxed, Flawed & Cupshot (CD, Fez Monkey Records, 2006)

Blue Eyed Sun:

Goodnight August (CD, Yellow Couch Recordings, 2001)

The Silly Pillows:

Tomorrow is Yesterday (CD, Ultraberry Records, 2000)
New Affections (CD, Little Teddy Recordings, 1998)
Affectionette (7″ vinyl, Rover Records, 1997)
Pillow Paw Prints (CD, Teichiku Records, 1997)
Out of Our Depth (LP/CD, Little Teddy Recordings/Perfect Pop, 1996)

Beyond Blue:

Beyond Blue (CD, Roll It Records, 1994)


John Denver Tribute Album, CD, forthcoming
Todd Rundgren Tribute Album, CD, forthcoming
Woosh! (CD, Little Teddy, 2001)
Bestrummed! (CD, Perfect Pop Records, 2001)
As Seen on TV (CD, Spare Me Records, 1996)
A Perfect Pop Compilation (CD Perfect Pop, 1995)
Candybars (double 7″ Little Teddy, 1995)