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Media Appearances Archive

June 6, 2005 "The View," ABC
September 23, 2005 "Good Day Philadelphia", Fox
Satellite Televison/Radio Tour
August 24, 2005 WCPO-TV--Cincinnati, OH
KSFY-TV--Sioux Falls, SD
KJRH-TV--Tulsa, OK
KYW-TV--Philadelphia, PA
WPVI-TV--Philadelphia, PA
KJCT-TV--Grand Junction, CO
WZTV-TV--Nashville, TN
WSYR-TV--E. Syracuse, NY
WLLP-TV--Lawrenceburg, TN
WFLA-AM--Tampa, FL
WTVR-TV--Richmond, VA
WPCC-AM--Clinton, SC
WATD-AM--Marshfield, MA
KUTR-AM--Salt Lake City, UT
WPDR-AM--Portage, WI
KAIR-AM/FM--Atchison, KS
WFIN-AM--Findlay, Ohio
WKBW-TV--Buffalo, NY
WCCB-TV--Charlotte, NC
WJR-AM--Detroit, MI
WTAQ-AM--Green Bay, WI
WHAG-TV--Hagerstown, MD
USA Radio Network--Dallas, TX
WSVJ-TV--Elkhart, IN
KBMT-TV (ABC affil)--Beaumont, TX
WDTN-TV--Dayton, OH
August 30, 2005 MTV Radio: 40 stations nationwide
September 9, 2005 WLRN (NPR affiliate); "Food and Views"/1 hour, LIVE
September 13, 2005 KPUG (ESPN affiliate); taped
September 18, 2005 Business Radio Network, "America's Travel and Dining Guide," National
September 20, 2005 KAIR-FM, "The Jason and Brian Show," Kansas City
September 22, 2005 Cable Radio Network, "Serves You Right"/ LIVE
September 23, 2005 WHYY, "A Chef's Table," nationally syndicated to 17 stations/Taped
September 23, 2005 NPR, "A Chef's Table," National
September 28, 2005 WNPR, "Food Talk with Faith Middleton," CT
September 29, 2005 Air America, "Morning Sedition"; interview/LIVE
September 30, 2005 KCMN-AM, "Tron in the Morning," Colorado Springs
October 1, 2005 "Simply Food with Prudence Sloane," CT
October 13, 2005 "What's Cooking with Luca Paris"
October 15, 2005 KNSS-AM, "The Good Life with Guy Bower" Wichita, KS
October 20, 2005 "After Midnight with Rick Barber," National
October 21, 2005 WREL-AM, "The Happy Cook with Delores Kostelni," Richmond/Lexington
October 27, 2005 Cable Radio Network, "The AM Show," National
September 10, 2005 Barnes & Noble: Allentown, PA
September 19, 2005 Wegman's Taste of the Valley, Allentown, PA
September 24, 2005 Borders King of Prussia, PA
September 29, 2005 Barnes & Noble, New York, NY
October 3, 2005 Institute of Culinary Education, New York, NY
April 7, 2006 Tailgating Class at Kitchen Shoppe, Carlisle, PA
Print Media
June 6, 2005 Publishers Weekly
June 15, 2005 Library Journal
Aug 7 , 2005 Pittsburgh Tribune Review; feature
August, 2005 Cooking Light magazine; book mention
August, 2005 Razor Magazine/Sidebar w/ book mention
Aug 18, 2005 Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
Aug 25 , 2005 South Philadelphia Review: feature
Aug 29, 2005 Houston Chronicle: feature
Aug 31, 2005 San Francisco Chronicle: feature
Aug TK, 2005 Bergen Record; feature
Aug TK, 2005 Wisconsin State Journal: round-up feature
September, 2005 SAM magazine (Student Advantage magazine)
September 9, 2005 Lansing (MI) State Journal: feature
September 11, 2005 USA Weekend: feature/author interview
September 13, 2005 Dallas Morning News: feature
September 13, 2005 San Jose (CA) Mercury News
September 13, 2005 New York Times News Wire, National
September 13, 2005 xThe Daily News, Los Angelesx
September 13, 2005 BookPage: Cookbook roundup Feature
September 17, 2005 National Examiner; book mention/reader giveaway
September 19, 2005 Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH
September 23 , 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer: book mention/interview
September 28, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times: feature
September 28, 2005 Winston-Salem Journal, Winston-Salem, NC available online
September 29, 2005 Miami Herald: book review
September TK, 2005 Indianapolis Star
September TK, 2005 Tacoma (WA) News Tribune: feature
September TK, 2005 Arlington (MA) Advocate: Cookbook roundup
September TK, 2005 USA Today; book mention with author
September TK, 2005 Bergen Record
September TK, 2005 Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
September TK, 2005 Wine Buzz magazine
October 1, 2005 Lancaster Farming, National
October 3, 2005 United Media: feature
October 17, 2005 The Oakland Press, Pontiac, MI
October TK, 2005 Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX
October TK, 2005 The Record, Hackensack, NJ
October TK, 2005 Chattanooga Times Free Press, Chattanooga, TN
October TK, 2005 The State, Columbia, SC
October TK, 2005 San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA
November TK, 2005 The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, OH
November TK, 2005 United Media Syndicate
November TK, 2005 The Birmingham News, Birmingham, AL
November TK, 2005 Northwest Palate
November TK, 2005 Contra Costa Times, Contra Costa, CA
December TK, 2005 The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA
December TK, 2005 Northwest Palate
December TK, 2005 Real Simple, National
December TK, 2005 School Foodservice & Nutrition Magazine, National
December TK, 2005 Boston Magazine
March, 2006 Woman's Day Magazine